Friday, June 20, 2014

Sure, only a minority of Muslims are radical

But, in absolute numbers, we're still talking about a hell of a lot of people.

H/T: Captain Heinrichs


rinardman said...

Only a minority of people are criminals. But, the majority of people who aren't criminals make laws against criminals, and use tax money to hire law enforcement people to remove criminals from society, as much as possible.

Are the majority of Muslims doing anything at all, to remove the radicals from their religion? If they are, it sure isn't obvious.

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Slam dunk! Squadouche! I'm book marking this. Thank you for putting it up! Everyone should see that clip. Obama should view this ala Clockwork Orange. Wonder what the questioner thought after being schooled?

Anonymous said...

Deborah... It turns out that the questioner is a meeting troll who frequents such events. She's probably paid, but by which Lefty? George is that your signature?

It's no surprise that the Lefties are outraged. The questioner is a martyr. The assertions include Gabriel "attacking" the woman; the panel being Islamaphobic (who didn't see that one coming) and, Frank Gaffney being a wacko, among them. I think I read that they stated the Heritage Foundation is irrelevant, which makes one wonder why someone would bother with a institution that is "irrelevant"?

Is there a hashtag for beheadings?