Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I take you at your word

The Islamic State threatens to drown us all in blood.

Well, may the blood be all theirs should they strike at our home. We'll be ready. Right, boys?

Rough 'n ready, Cap'n Paco!


rinardman said...

If we could round up a large enough herd of goats, they'd be too busy to bother us.

JeffS said...

And donkeys, r-man. One must offer a selection to guests.

Besides, they'll be easier to engage as stationary targets while they are, ummmmm, engaged. So, the more, the merrier!

RebeccaH said...

The White House is just a building (something jihadis don't understand). It's a symbol, sure, but we don't worship symbols the way they do, and if they ever manage to put that hateful flag over it (as if), we will burn the building down ourselves, stomp the hell out of ISIS, and then rebuild our building.

Minicapt said...



Michael Lonie said...

These Muslim terrorists are really tough-talking blowhards, aren't they?

ISIS was gunning for America before Obumbler made his belated decision to support the Kurds and Iraqis with air strikes. They need destroying. Unfortunately, Obumbler and his consiglieri don't seem to understand the concept of "victory" in war. The reason probably is that they don't understand that the conflict with jihadist Muslim terrorists actually is a war.

All too many people understand "war" only in the form of WWII John Wayne movies. Tanks rolling, huge armies marching, battle on the North German Plain, in Normandy hedgerows, or on Pacific islands. The war with the jihadists is a war but of a different kind than WWII or even the Cold War, including when it turned hot in places like Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere. The closest the Cold War came to our present struggle was in the form of Soviet-supported terrorist groups (like the Red Brigades or, for that matter, the PLO). In those cases, though, sensible people knew that the USSR was behind them, supporting and supplying them. Come to think of it, lots of the "Progressives" sided with the enemy in those cases too. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

If the USA does not build some halfway decent order in the the world, others will build their own versions of world order, and those will be neither even halfway decont nor favorable to American interests. That is what ISIS, among others, is doing right now. Behold the post-American future: Iraq-Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea, Libya, the US Southwest. That's the sort of order Obumbler is willing to put up with if only he could withdraw America from the world and make it "Progressive" in his own image, that is fascist.

Anonymous said...

Islamo-terrorists have always been very up-front and clear about what they want to do. They've stated their goals 100's & 100's of times. Our bubble dwelling politicians....well....they're on vacation right now.

Michael Lonie said...

And when they're not on vacation, they're out to lunch.