Monday, August 18, 2014

Texas may be a red state…

…but its blue faction is relentlessly vicious, as the laughable indictment of Gov. Rick Perry illustrates.

In a nutshell, Perry sought to have Travis County’s funding for a public integrity unit cut off unless the county’s D.A. – who heads said unit – stepped down (she had previously been arrested on a DWI charge, and was belligerent to the point of having to be physically restrained). In retaliation, a pliable “special prosecutor” convened a grand jury and had it indict Perry on what are widely regarded (even by many Democrats) as ultimately indefensible charges.

Much more from Bryan Preston , including video of Lehmberg’s behavior while she was under arrest, and info on her liquor consumption, which appears to have been of Homeric proportions.

Update: Even more from Preston, on the history of Democrat lawfare in Texas, and the non-profit “public watchdog” group that lodged the initial complaint (for “watchdog” read “Democrat lapdog”).


Minicapt said...

'Homeric' would involve wine, vodka would be 'Ivanic'.


rinardman said...

As that guy on the radio said, at this point it probably doesn't matter that the whole thing is bogus. From now on, any time the LSM mentions Rick Perry, it will be prefaced by "was indicted".

RebeccaH said...

I tend to think this stupid indictment is going to bite Democrats in the ass.