Friday, December 12, 2014

Looks like conservatives are going to have to fight, and win, a civil war in their own party before taking on the Democrats

We've got a long row to hoe.


Robert of Ottawa said...

I am at a loss to understand Oboehner.

Is he stupid?
Does the RINO establishment hate Conservatives "meddling"?
Was he bribed?
Did the NSA have some juicy dope on him - a la Petraeus?
What was he thinking?

He deliberately threw away the 2014 victory and any possibility for Republican actions over the next two years, even though they control both houses.

Paco said...

Someone recently referred to the "fusion government of Democrats and Republicans". This is why I'm definitely on board with Ace's idea of targeting half a dozen or more RINOs in the next election, and either primarying them out of the running or electing Democrats in their stead (as long as this strategy wouldn't result in a Democrat majority). The only way the so-called "leadership" is going to get the message is by making their treachery extremely painful.

JeffS said...

What Paco said, Robert. Although I think of this Dhimmicrat/RINO collaboration as a union of oligarchs.

mojo said...

NOW can we have that useless jerk Boner taken out and shot?