Thursday, December 11, 2014

Splendid word coinage from Smitty

"Boehnerdict Arnold".

Elsewhere, John Hayward looks at the “Cromnibus” bill. Money quote:
The GOP leadership can get through another year with its favorite wheezy excuse for not standing up and fighting for anything: Our hands are tied.  Sure, the knots are a bit clumsy, but that’s to be expected when you tie your own hands.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Ther eis a serious problem for 2016 presidential. If the RINOs get this through, then anyone named Bush, Romney or Christie will not become president and She will.

Conservatives will stay at home in disgust.

M<oral of the story: Only conservatives win elections when they are conservative. It is important for T-party members to hammer the heads of RINOs until they yield and get out.

My experience in Canadian politics tells me that you must demand conservative candidates for the conservative party, or the populace will go with the squishy feel=good liberals.

Robert of Ottawa said...

BTW In my neck of the woods, Benedict Arnold is a hero ;-)

bruce said...

Obie almost became an orphan but luckily he's found an indulgent new family, so he won't have to hand in his credit card.

Paco said...

Robert: Your comments on the experience of conservatives in Canada are intriguing; if only our own Republicans would listen and learn.