Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taliban apparently trying to out-ISIS ISIS

"Taliban storm Pakistani school, killing 126". Most of the dead are children and teenagers.

Update: Now 141 confirmed dead.


RebeccaH said...

The barbarian trash strikes again.

rinardman said...

Religion of peace, or something.

rinardman said...

So, I'm waiting for Hillary to announce her trip to Pakistan, to empathize with the Taliban scum.

Gregoryno6 said...

I'm expecting that someone, either on twitter or the local media, will slant the commentary to depict this as a revenge attack for that totally lone wolf unrepresentative chap who got out the shotgun and Shahada in Sydney.
And Tony Abbott will be to blame too.

HAL 9000 said...

The swine who ordered this murderama have already announced that it's in retaliation for the Pakistani government's campaign against the Taliban in the tribal areas. Pushtun children have been killed in attacks on Taliban positions and hideouts you see. Some our puling leftists will undoubtedly take the Taliban's part in this matter.

Both Taliban groups, like the Palestinians and ISIS and just about every other jihadist group hides their leaders, facilities, and munitions among civilians. Those are legitimate targets and the presence of civilians does not extend protection to them under intrnatiinal law. Quite the contrary, their presence removes the protections otherwise affored civilians and protected property (like mosques, which are so often hideouts for munitions).

Of course the jihadists have no use for internatinal law. Sharia is what they go by and the example of Muhammed. Well Muhammed's career was one long line of massacres from the time he set up shop in Medina, and his boyos went around murdering those who insulted him (a famous example was a woman poet in Mecca, who was stabbed in front of the children by a jihadist who pretended to have turned away from Islam and ingratiated himself with her).

Children are popular targets for jihadists. They are constantly targeting Jewish children in Israel, like those two brave heros who murdered three unarmed teenagers on their way home from school a few weeks ago.

Jihadists are swine.

P.S. Paco, the system would not let me post without the verification.

HAL 9000 said...

I suppose I should apologize to honest pigs for calling jihadists swine, but pigs wallow in mud and jihadists wallow in the filth of their massacres and terrorist attacks.