Monday, December 15, 2014

Poetic license expires

"ENGLISH PROF ARRESTED at NY Protest: Charged w/ Assault on Police, Rioting – Had Backpack Full of Hammers".

I guess if all you have is a hammer, every cop begins to look like a nail.

As the linked post indicates, Linsker is a "published poet". Here, try a sample.


rinardman said...

If I had a haaammer....

HAL 9000 said...

I just finished q class on ficrion writing at a local UNI. One of the books was "The Best American Poems of 2014." If those were the best I'd hate to see the worst. As far as I could tell, the entire thing was filled with dreck.

I think that, having abandoned the disciplines of the forms of poems, lilke sonnets and rhymes, they are unable to convert the raw material of their art (words) into finished artwork (beautiful poemtry). I suspect the ugliness of their poems reflects their ugliness of spirit. Furthermore the themes are so limited. It's all "race,class, gender and I'm a victim." You migh think they'd realize that it's been done to death.

P.S. Do you really need to weed out the computers?

Paco said...

HAL 9000: I agree. They're mostly just putting their neuroses on parade.

P.S. I believe you can post without doing the text verification (or so other commenters have told me). I have verification turned off, so I don't know why that feature is showing.

rinardman said...

Furthermore the themes are so limited. It's all "race,class, gender and I'm a victim."

Is that really surprising? That's all they're taught.

RebeccaH said...

What a load of lunatic drivel. If that Linkster guy is a poet, then I'm Marie of Romania, and I shudder to think what he "teaches".

Paco said...

Rebecca: It does sorta reek, doesn't it?

mojo said...

"Then on
the sand, crying, for impossibility,
and the man standing back above on
the hill. Wringing his breath. The grass then
looked down greener, subtler. Then flourishing
the springtide, volumetrics released back up."