Thursday, January 8, 2015

The GOP is apparently cursed

John Boehner may be a scary threat to principled conservative Republicans, but when it comes to confronting the Obama administration, he is the teacup Yorkie of the Baskervilles.

Update: Boehner claims he's the most anti-establishment speaker evah.

I am not a squish!


JeffS said...

Boehner makes that claim because he was apparently "rattled" by all the calls requesting that he not be re-elected as Speaker.

More kabuki theater by the RINOs in charge.

Veeshir said...

As Boehner attacks the people who won the last election he's sucking up to the people who lost it.

Why does any conservative support the GOP?

I mean, I can see supporting local folks, but the national GOP?

I think for the next few elections state gov't and sheriff are the most important races we'll see as the national gov't inanes itself into irrelevancy.

JeffS said...

Veeshir, I haven't supported the RNC or any of its offshoots for years.

Possibly related: My junk mail deliveries has significantly decreased of late.