Monday, April 27, 2015

Not so great, not even pretty good, Britain

Ed Miliband, Labour Party politician and wanna-be prime minister of the UK, wants to make Islamophobia a crime. Roger Kimball takes a close look at this madness here.

Hey, why stop there, Ed? If stamping out phobias is your bag, think big.

But of course this isn’t really about a genuine “phobia”; it’s about proscribing attitudes, thoughts and speech that might otherwise enable sensible people to convert their perfectly rational concerns into effective policies of defense against a largely unassimilable minority that includes not only a core of cold-blooded murderers who seek to destroy their host, but also a larger number of sympathizers and enablers who brazenly claim victimhood status, thereby providing cover for the fire-breathing fanatics in their midst and utterly confounding Britain’s mush-headed bureaucracy and pusillanimous, wrong-headed intelligentsia.

Evil is destructive, perfect evil is ultimately self-destructive - which is why, whether or not Miliband is crazy, his proposal is positively wicked.


Veeshir said...

Listen, Airstrip One isn't going to build itself.

RebeccaH said...

British political parties are confusing to me, but I believe Labour has paved the way to hell in the same way as our Democrats have.