Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Et tu, Alberta?

Ontario has been exporting progressives to other provinces, it seems, with some shocking electoral results (H/T: Small Dead Animals)

Although there’s more to it than that. More here (H/T: Robert of Ottawa).


Robert of Ottawa said...

Yes, hell froze over in Canada this week. However, the so-called political right vote in Alberta was split between Wild Rose and Progressive Conservatives, allowing the left to sneak up the middle. Rather like the 1990's in Canada when the right was divided between the Reform/Alliance and the so-called, but utterly dishonest, Progressive Conservatives.

The PCs are nothing more than Liberals in Blue Suites. In Canada, Red is left, Blue is Right.

bruce said...

Very interesting description, Rob.

rinardman said...

Progressive Conservatives?

Now that sounds like the makings of a good horror movie!

Paco said...

R-man: Like a guy with two heads, or something.