Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I assume this guy is not considered a model law enforcement officer in Georgia

Or anywhere else, for that matter. Just a taste:
On his first day in office, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill terminated 27 deputies and put snipers on the office roof—just in case the disgruntled cops acted out. Then he used tax dollars to repaint squad cars with his name and deployed a military tank on drug busts.

As his county's first black sheriff, he proudly dons a shiny gold star on his lapel and has long extolled the virtues of defeating the bad guys. He once requested assault rifles and night-vision goggles in an effort to turn his suburban Atlanta agency into a "paramilitary organization."

In one 2012 campaign commercial, a suited actor rushes into the fictional mayor’s office and says, “We’re in a state of emergency,” before advising, “Victor Hill is the only sheriff that criminals fear.” The mayor pulls out a big red button and quietly commands, “Do it,” and Hill's own version of the Bat-Signal flashes in the sky.
There’s been a slight wrinkle in the Batman narrative, however:
On Sunday evening, the sheriff accidentally shot real estate agent Gwenevere McCord, 43, inside a model home. The incident has attracted national scrutiny as authorities say Hill is trying to dodge their efforts to discern what happened. McCord, who has had two surgeries, is unable to speak, police say, and Hill hasn't fully cooperated, according to police outside his jurisdiction.

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RebeccaH said...

Considering his past sins, why on earth would anybody elect this bozo sheriff?