Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday movie

The famous motorcycle scene from The Great Escape, featuring Steve McQueen.


bruce said...

Coincidentally a Polish who tried to escape Colditz ended up in my area and we've just been trying to trace if he met another inmate: 'Tin Legs' Bader.

Paco said...

Bruce: Wasn't "Tin Legs" Bader the gentleman who was shot down and interned in a POW camp, and made so many escape attempts the Germans threatened to take away his prosthetic legs? Quite a man!

bruce said...

'During one visit to Munich, Germany, as a guest of Adolf Galland, he walked into a room full of ex-Luftwaffe pilots and said, "My God, I had no idea we left so many of you bastards alive".'
- Pretty typical of his personality.

He did great work after the war encouraging all the young amputees there used to be.