Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A little jumpy, aren't we?

"White House briefly on lock down after scare over 'unattended package' - that turned out to be a coffee mug."

I'll bet they were terrified - and with good reason.


Deborah said...

Reminds me of the incident a friend and I witnessed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was after a space shuttle landed. Pete noticed some activity across the road from the fire station. We grabbed our cameras, snuck through the parking lot, and peeked around a car. There was an air man in the ditch wearing a helmet and flak vest. A woman came up to ask us what was going on, and the air man yelled, "Fire in the hole". I pulled her down, heard a small explosion, bobbed up to see a paper fluttering down. A colonel arrived to check the site. He found nothing threatening, so they left. The woman wasn't as curious as we were, so she went back to her party. Pete and I walked across the road to look at the debris. We found the remnants of a brown paper wrapped shoe box with addresses in-tact and bits of glass. It had been a champagne glass to one of the astronauts from a relative. I had the bits for years. The "powers that be" were "prudent" because HW Bush (don't remember if he was VP or Pres) was there to watch the shuttle land.

RebeccaH said...

Now we know how to shut down the White House (which needs shutting down).

Veeshir said...

On Wednesday, they shut down a major Phoenix-area freeway, both directions, at 5pm, because a convenience-mart, cooler fell off the back of a truck.

It took me so long to get home, I stopped for dinner.

A cooler on an exit ramp and they shut down a major freeway at 5pm.

I figure it was because they just got a new bomb-robot and wanted to use it.
I also figure some bureaucrat needs to stand on the side of 202, during rush 4-hours, morning and night, with a sign saying, "I'm sorry I'm such a dumbass" while people spit on him.

But then, I'm kinda soft-hearted.