Friday, September 25, 2015

Another stealth move by Obama

Under cover of the media's focus on the Pope's visit, Obama released another terrorist from GITMO - over the objections of six security agencies.

A little over two years to go before we are done with this execrable excuse for a president. I hope we make it.


rinardman said...

Did he fly to Gitmo so he could take a selfie with the terrorist, before he was released?

Would you be surprised if he did?

RebeccaH said...

Obama loves to stick his thumb in white Christian America's eye, but lately he's been gouging with renewed vigor.

But hey, here's some good news: John Boehner just announced he's stepping down at the end of October!

Robert of Ottawa said...

At least his man-servant Boehner is going.

Deborah said...

So Obama releases a terrorist using the papal cloak. What did he do using the Chinese cloak?

Salabi's release reminds me of the Iran deal. Give terrorists what they want based on false promises. Saudi diplomat, "Yeah. Sure. Salabi will go to a rehabilitation class." (wink, wink).

Why is Salabi alive? He did a nine year hunger strike.

How much did Salabi's eyeliner cost us?

Deborah said...

Obama's special committee is like a Hollywood set. The all-knowing boy king needs (nor asks for) any counsel. He commands the smoke and mirrors.