Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday funnies

Yes, the police are there to serve and protect. But they're not there to sort out your unsatisfactory drug deal.

The octopus apparently has all kinds of, er, interesting encounters over the course of its life.

So, you think you're good at playing catch with a Frisbee?

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Ok, buddy, hand in your dog card.

"What is it, doctor?"
"Hmmm...m'y-e-s...Looks like you're suffering from Jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome."

(H/T: Cracked)


Albury Shifton said...

I don't blame the dog. It's not the kittens that he's frightened of - it's their mother! Should she think he's showing the slightest threat of harm to them, he's toast.

rinardman said...

"Looks like you're suffering from Jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome."

Sounds a lot like the Prancing Poles of Oxnard, who when hearing a few notes of Polka music, would involuntarily start prancing around the room.

A guy named Lawrence Welk even did a TV show about'em, back when I was a kid.

Deborah said...

Is this 911 caller related to the 911 callers who reported cold fries, and another who reported no fires were in the bag?

That's one lonely octopus.

That dog can't hunt, but the cats can. Bubba ain't happy tho. "Tree'd the dang dog again!"

Aren't all Frenchmen jumpy?

Mikael said...

Another story from Florida? What is wrong with those people? Something the water perhaps, or maybe some hitherto unknown parasite, carried by mosquitoes, that infect the brain, making you unable to use even the most remotely common sense?

Man, have I've read a lot of stories about Floridans over the times. Floridans prove that Darwin had it spot on: The fittest of a species will survive and evolve, the not so fit will eventually go the way of the dodo because, stupidity.

Paco said...

Mikael: The FARK site, which collects odd stories from all over, has a special category simply called "Florida".

RebeccaH said...

Mikael, Florida is at the bottom of the continent. The crazies just sort of tilt and flow down there.