Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On bringing a knife to a gunfight

Heh. Weren't expecting that, were you, sonny? A Palestinian whips out a blade and runs smack into some Jewish lead.


Deborah said...

He, obviously, never saw how Indiana Jones dealt with a similar situation. It's interesting that if a Arab kills a Jew, his friends/family celebrate and give out candy. When a Jew wounds a Arab, they try to save the attacker, and there is no celebration.

The Lefties are worried about over population and carbon foot print. Just lightened there load.

Mike_W said...

Invariably, "Palestinian" wounded are sent to Israeli hospitals for treatment.

It must irk the descendants of Ishmael no end, the way they are time, after time, after time, proven to be vastly inferior to the Jewish people(google Jewish Nobel Prizes) in every possible way.
No wonder God sent Ishmael's mom, Hagar, packing.

Then the arabs wandered off into the desert, in a huff, and created a "religion" based on every evil conceivable to mankind, in vengeance against God and humanity.

It must really suck to be a "Palestinian".

RebeccaH said...

I'm convinced, based on all evidence, that these so-called martyrs for islam aren't interested so much in killing anybody (even the hated Jews) as they are in dying as martyrs so they can go to paradise, considering how many of them choose that path. Islamic paradise, of course, is pretty much a crap shoot. The only other explanation is that they are stupid beyond belief.

Mikael said...

"That ain't a knoife. This a knoife... (With a little extra added to it!)"

Paco said...


Deborah said...

Wonder how the Palestinians square being treated/saved by the relatives of apes and pigs? Do they get to go to Paradise? If they do, do they still get 72 virgins?

It's interesting that Jews try so hard to save these folks? Isn't funny that the knife never slips in the Jewish doctor's hand?

HAL9000 said...

That's why the Marines say "Never bring a knife to a gunfight."

I think they want to kill Jews (and other "infidels") but they'll settle for "martyrdom" instead. A Muslim in France who slit the throat of his Jewish neighbor went back to his apartment and announced that he had killed his Jew, he would go to Paradise. Evidently they don't need to actually be killed en flagrante to get the 72 virgins and the beautiful boys.

It's a curious indication of differences in the fundamental tenets of the faiths that Muslims become martyrs by killing others, while Christians become martyrs by dying at the hands of persecutors. There are certainly a goodly number of Christian martyrs being made now, more's the pity. To stop at least part of that, we need to make a lot more Muslim "martyrs."

The 21st century is not turning as I had hoped it would.

Paco said...

Amen, brother.