Saturday, December 5, 2015

Border insecurity

How safe do you feel?


rinardman said...

Well, a smidgeon safer than I would if I lived in southern Arizona. But, a smidgeon isn't very much.

Minicapt said...

Someone told them to bring their 'brass balls', but all they could find at short notice were steel cylinders.


bruce said...

Y'know, we had the Patriot Act, we had all the surveillance for over a decade, and no one figured out yet what Kemal Ataturk started on a century ago and Pakistan's extremists, and now ISISIL whatever, are based on:

The people who want a Caliph are the ones to watch!

Like this shooter's mother and the group she was in, apparently, now we hear.

Anyone who talks about having a Caliph will be a problem, that's why Ataturk got rid of the last Caliph in Turkey, and I thought that was why we got rid of Saddam - because he was clearly planning to use the Caliph gambit to extend his power, and our best info at that time was that he almost had nukes, so nuclear Caliphate. I thought this was obvious 14 years ago. They also spell it Khilafat:

This is basic Asian history stuff.

bruce said...

They'll say, "Oh, a Caliph is just like a Pope". BS! That's the difference (between a Caliph and a Pope) which makes all the difference.