Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Ted Cruz has an amusing campaign ad out, the theme of which is immigration.


RebeccaH said...

He always has such a hangdog look, but if he gets the nom, I'm in.

Deborah said...

The Cruz Campaign makes a great point. But I don't want false promises such as "that wall will be built".

bruce said...

Putting all else aside for a moment, one thing I'm impressed by is how Trump has attracted conservative black support. Maybe partly because they don't like Hillary, but anyway it restores my faith in humanity after Obama's divisiveness, even if it comes to nothing this time around. Id hope they'd give that same support to Cruz if he has similar policies, we'll see.

I think Trump will be aggressive in pursuing US interests if, just say, he gets in, maybe a war on copyright violators to claw back the US's rightful due. But here's a thought, would he care about VW's business practices say, because of 'the environment'? Maybe that stuff will be low priority, over jobs and profit for Americans, which is fair even if the rest of us may suffer at first a bit.