Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Well, what do you know, there really is a rape culture

It's just not on U.S. college campuses: "An unmentionable refugee question".


RebeccaH said...

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas warned that the ethnicity of the criminals was irrelevant to their crime.

It is if rape is part of their culture.

bruce said...

Just had a look at the Wikipedia "rape" page and it's obvious American activists have been messing with it. See many Americans live in a bubble, but especially the activists, whose solipsistic bubble they want to impose on the world. The fact is that outside the sphere of Christian culture, there was no concept of rape, because women have always everywhere been seen as property of males. (Yes the activists will refer obscure African etc examples of "matriarchy" but these are dubious, more to do with absent fathers.

The whole world is "rape culture" outside the Christian sphere, where women had/have no choice. Ancient "rape" meant stealing another man's property or "defiling" and dis-honouring". It still means that in many parts of the world. Women's consent had nothing to do with it. Try to confront the hysterical young American activists with this fact, they ignore it. Then by social media they influence the anglo-sphere, I hate all that.

bruce said...

The reason I pick on American activists is that in Europe even the hardcore leftists know they are deeply indebted to Christianity. Big leftists like Jurgen Habermas, the "postmodern" "father" of the EU, admits this debt in discussion with Pope Benedict and in his books. It's mostly among American activists that the anti-Christian fury is strong. (Is that because there are a lot more Jews in US academia than in Europe? One cannot help but wonder).

bruce said...

PS. Re that, I deal with so much stuff I sometimes forget, but I used to correspond with Melanie Phillips:
who is Jewish and English, and argues that Jews should accept that Christian civilisation is best, not multiculturalism. I remember now (ten years ago?), when she tried to put her case in the US she met a brick wall among American Jews especially. They called her "right wing" yet the claim that human rights and western civilisation are indebted to Christianity is not controversial in European academic circles even among leftists, skilled in philosophy or history. If we could just persuade the majority of American Jews to get onside, as Melanie tries to do, then the ideological battle would be mostly won, because the rest of the opposition is very shallow and trendy.

Paco said...

Good stuff, Bruce.

HAL9000 said...

Too many of my fellow Jews put their progressive faith above their Jewish one. It can even extend to hostility to Israel, now that such antisemitic hostility is de regueur on the left. For fifty years the primary threats to Jews in America have come from blacks and the left, but most Jews still think the Klan is out to get them and Evangelical Christians are on the verge of trying to convert them by force.

I think the frequency of liberalism/progressivism among American Jews is evidence that the tale of our superior average intelligence is a myth.

A lot of Israel-haters will tell you that they aren't antisemitic, just anti-Zionist. This is a distinction without a difference. Anti-Zionism is antisemitism under a false flag.

A. Anti-Zionists support those who seek Israel's destruction, like the Palestinian Arabs.
B. Those who seek Israel's destruction also, quite openly, seek the genocide of Israel's Jews.
C. Renewed genocide of the Jews is antisemitic.
In logical reasoning, if A=B and B=C, then A=C. Therefore anti-Zionists are actually antisemitic. They are accessories, before the fact, to attempted genocide of the Jews, a crime against humanity. Or it was the last time somebody attempted it.

bruce said...

Yes Hal. English Jews like Disraeli have embraced Christian civilisation to some extent, and Melanie Phillips is a lovely and brilliant lady carrying on that task (write to her via her website, she always replies!). I get the impression that in the US it's very different.

An American lady I worked with here, I think she was Jewish, commented to me she found our 4 day holiday for Easter a bit confronting, and she specifically said that could not happen in the US "because there are just enough Jews to influence policy like that". No need for any conspiracy theory or anything, you just need enough people opposed to public Christianity to make a big difference, and less thoughtful people like Obama take it as self-evident that "all religions are bad". Not that Christian history is perfect either. Not at all. But if you believe in human dignity, probably a creation of Judaism, you won't find a better vehicle.

I think Israel is an inspiring nation, how do they manage with such turbulent politics? Yet when it comes to the crunch they are all on the same side, right left whatever. I wish we could all be just pragmatists like that. I have a leftist Israeli friend who tells me about life there. Despite such hardship they have enormous zest and even movie stars buy homes in Tel Aviv now for the nightlife!