Thursday, February 18, 2016


Glorified hobo threatens Hillary's firewall.

The AFL-CIO is refusing to endorse either Democratic candidate (a win, sort of, for Bernie).

Hey, if you're feelin' the Bern, don't forget to pick up the right gear. My personal favorite: this "Sandernista" shirt...

Oh, so now it's vitally important that a lame-duck president be allowed to get one of his Supreme Court nominations through. The NYT certainly didn't used to feel that way. Neither did a certain former Democrat senator. In fact, there appear to have been whole mobs of Democrat politicians who've tried to block conservative judicial nominees (H/T: Doug Ross).

I will personally foot the bill if Barry agrees to a one-way, no-return ticket: "Obama to visit Cuba even after mass arrests of dissidents".

Update: The biggest a$$hole in America (outside of various members of our political class) just got pwnd by the Philadelphia Police Dept.


rinardman said...

Unexpectedly, Obo the Clown has realized that he 'regrets' having opposed the nomination of Samuel Alito in 2006.

He continues to 'evolve', it appears.

Mike_W said...

"Obama to visit Cuba even after mass arrests of dissidents".

Attempting the mass arrest American dissidents may delay Obama's visit to Cuba indefinitely.

JeffS said...

Good on the Philly Police Department!