Thursday, February 18, 2016

Definitely popcorn-worthy

Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis.

Update - Amusing headline from the Washington Post: "Loser Pope takes on Donald Trump, suffers massive humiliation, slinks off to Vatican".


rinardman said...

"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian," Francis said...

That guy on the radio made a good point: Why is there a 50 foot high wall around the Vatican?

Minicapt said...

1. For the same reason DonJohn claims he devised the wall solution for the border with Mexico.
2. DonJohn is not a Christian, and thus is easily upset emotionally.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Pope, tear down those Vatican walls and allow unlimited immigration!

And the good old Repubs in Congress are getting ready to accept whatever ideological nomination Obomber may make to the SCOTUS. No wonder the natives are restless.

Go Trump! This Canadian is not for The Canadian :-)

Deborah said...

The Pope's comments are the nail. Kbowing the absurdity that he will spout, makes it impossible for me to listen.

Listening to him blame society for the incarceration of criminals was jaw dropping. But that was just one example. Shame on him. He may be committing blasphemy.

Mikael said...

In all fairness, the Vatican did give shelter and refuge to some of the millions of refugees flooding into Europe.
Two (2) families to be exact, but it goes to show how compassionate His Holiness can be. (One wonders if they where vetted before being allowed inside the gates.)

bruce said...

The Vatican is of course a traditional administrative place and those walls are probably World Heritage listed. The Vatican administers a global network of hospitals and schools etc, remember, it's their admin HQ, among other things of course. Pope Francis spent most of his life in South America, even now he avoids the traditional "palace" in Rome.

People should focus on his order, the Jesuits, who have been behind a lot of this "refugee" surge for years. I understand that Catholic churches in the US and elsewhere are staging grounds for the whole thing, so the criticism falls flat: the churches probably ARE full of these refugees at various times, but then roping in the government as churches do. (Obama worked with the Catholics).

The whole Jesuit order should be made to publicly justify their global refugee agitation to the people it is inflicted on.

Here I go again, I know this guy, Mario Serrano, another South American Jesuit like the Pope:

See? "Jesuit Refugee Service". He told me in 2009 it was a big global push by his order. He wants to flood the US with Dominicans, and he works day and night for that, totally sincere. Amazing guy, but it's all mad. It has to stop. You try and tell him, he has an argument for everything, Jesuits they're smart and crazy.

JeffS said...

The current Pope is from Argentine, an unabashedly socialist nation with a de facto fascist regime. His comments surprise me not at all.

Mike_W said...

"Pope" Francis didn't genuflect at the consecration of the Host at his first Mass post-election in the Sistine Chapel.
The way he looks at the Host is terrifying: cold and hostile with the Host held at eye level.
That pretty much told me all I need to know about this imposter.
Freemason infiltrator perhaps?
He seems to be a globalist and humanist.
He is very hostile towards traditional Catholic values.

Check out the 28 second mark in this video>this video where he humiliates an altar boy who has his hands together in the traditional position of devout prayer.

Mike_W said...

Ooops, screwed up the HTML link.

SwampWoman said...

Not sure whether Pope Alexander VI would be face palming or applauding this pipsqueak of Christ.