Friday, April 8, 2016

Up yours, sideways, you posturing has-been

Really, really getting sick of this. My home state of North Carolina passed a law which basically says that if you were born with the XY chromosome combination you need to use the men's room (incidentally, the law only applies to government buildings; private property owners are free to convert their bathrooms into sites of Weimar-like debauchery if they wish). This is being touted by liberals as "Anti-LGBT" legislation; I call it "Sanity's Last Stand". Now, Bruce Springsteen comes forward and says that, in order to show "solidarity for these freedom fighters" - these freaking freedom fighters, mind you - he is cancelling an appearance in Charlotte, NC.

Full disclosure: I've never liked Springsteen, and I mean his voice, as well as his strong tendency toward blue-collar posturing. So, no big loss, fellow Tarheels, in my opinion; one ageing, larynx-challenged warbler more or less doesn't make much difference. But I am growing increasingly outraged over the left's desire to force its cultural imperatives on the rest of society under the guise of "freedom", on pain of everything from adverse legal actions to cancelled concerts. Suddenly, every moral value, code of behavior, religious belief and cultural norm that was considered completely unexceptional the day before yesterday is now equivalent to an oath of allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan.

Oh, and PayPal has canceled plans to build an office facility in Charlotte, due to North Carolina's new Reign of Terror. Yet, strangely, the company has no compunction about operating in Muslim countries where the penalty for engaging in homosexual acts is frequently death. PayPal, I entreat you to engage in an act of self-coitus, preferably while airborne.

Here's an idea: when Hillary becomes president, everybody gets a government-issue chamber pot, to be used where and when the mood strikes. Call this new plan of political action the Bowel Movement.

I've even got the perfect Hillpot picked out; politically correct in every detail...


rinardman said...

It is all just getting increasingly tedious, isn't it?

I think I'm getting really close to just tuning out, and living my remaining years in ignorant bliss.

rinardman said...

BTW, Paco, can I assume that hidden on the backside of the chamber pot, is the third option: 'Gender fluid'?

Wouldn't want to leave out he/she/it.

rinardman said...

Oh, and Columbo, what would a 'government-issue chamber pot' look like?

It would have to be approved by the EPA, FDA, OSHA, USDA, CDC, CPSC, HHS, FDIC, FTC, and of course, the Army Corps of Engineers.

RebeccaH said...

I'm with you, Paco. The crazies have pushed things about as far as they can go (short of weekly human sacrifice on the town square). It's time for the worm to turn.

Paco said...

"Gender fluid"? Good suggestion. We wouldn't want the she/it to hit the fan.

Minicapt said...

Wouldn't be 'she/it', probably 'yur-in'.