Monday, August 29, 2016

Gag worthy

Like Plan 9 From Outer Space, only without the 10th rate special effects: Southside With You.

Future cult classic? Statistical probability = 0. Frankly, I'd rather watch a movie about Nixon's first date.


rinardman said...

Forcing them to watch it could break the resolve of the islamists at Guantanamo.

"If you don't talk, we'll play it again!"

JeffS said...

Bleah! That's like watching a dog turd dry. Thank you, no.

RebeccaH said...

I usually wait for movies to show up on DVD or TV before I watch them. Glad to know here's one I can skip.

Deborah Leigh said...

Where are the masses who flocked to him almost eight years ago? The ones who stood for hours on the National Mall to get a glimpse of the god/king/savior? Could it be that the altars are coming down? Guess the devotees' patience waiting for the freebies is dissapating...or the kook-aid is wearing off.

Veeshir said...

This film is the second creepiest thing about their first date.

On the site of a Baskin Robbins where they had ice cream is a stone memorial.

People in the future are going to wonder what we were thinking.

Well, that or they'll be burning books to cook their dogs so they won't believe in some "Golden Age".

bruce said...

It's Tika Sumpter's girlish princess fantasy apparently. Mills and Boon, nothing more. It's weird watching the so-sophisticated courtiers who think they have to pay hommage to this trifle.