Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday funnies

Canada needs a wall. Or maybe a submarine net: "Hundreds Of Drunk Americans Washed Ashore In Canada Because Of Strong Winds".

Sometimes laziness is the mother of invention.

Here's another possible future Olympic event: mobile phone throwing.

Bad lip reading at the Democratic National Convention...

Want to play ping-pong but can't remember where you left the paddles? No problem.

(H/T: Jerry Jones and Moonbattery)


RebeccaH said...

Actually, that bad lip reading clip made more sense to me than what the politicians are actually saying. It was certainly more entertaining.

Veeshir said...

Laziness is the father of invention.
Beer (could you hold mine?) is, of course, the crazy uncle.

I liked the lawn mower guy, but he needed the rope to wind around the post so he didn't just mow in a circle.

Your "I am not a robot" thing is effing annoying today.

Sometimes you have to click the post of the street sign, others you don't.

And if you get it wrong it jerks you around hard. This is the third time I've tried to post this comment cuz I refuse to let any automated anything jerk me around.
Rather, I refuse to let some nanny-idiot who programs automated things jerk me around.

bruce said...

"I am not a robot" "Which of these red smudges is not a flower?" Wait I'll get my strong glasses... uh... ok. "Try again please".

Lawn mowing and vacuuming (Hoovering as the Brits say): I'm a supreme artist in these, like Andy Warhol.

Deborah said...

So you're the one with the soup can lawn. Warhol never thought of that. You're a genius!

bruce said...


Deborah said...