Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I'm back (sort of)

We went down to Virginia Beach to visit my older son, and what excellent timing! Left Northern Virginia Saturday morning just in time to catch the wake of the hurricane which flooded much of Virginia Beach and knocked out power all over the place. Also, I'm apparently so out of shape that I got tendonitis just screwing curtain rods into the wall; my right hand is practically useless (which worries me, since that's my shooting hand). So, posting may be limited due to the fact that I'm typing mainly with my left hand.

Meanwhile, the election draws near and we're looking at the real possibility of a Clinton presidency. I imagine she'll wind up being a kind of pantsuited Robert Mugabe if she gets in. Sad times for the dear old Republic.

BTW, couldn't get away from Cankles even at a Bojangles fast food joint. The restaurant had a television mounted on the wall and Fox News was providing live coverage of Clinton making a speech in Florida. The typical loud, robotic, hectoring style; and there, standing next to her, looking like a well-dressed cigar store Indian, was Al Gore.


RebeccaH said...

Sorry your trip was so fraught, Paco. But I'm glad you made it back alive.

bruce said...

Yeah, sorry to hear of the tendonitis.

Zhirinovksy has a different take on the election to all the "sensible" people, but strangely I think he has a point:

Veeshir said...

I can only watch either news channel for a few seconds at a time.

I am utterly uninterested in what any of them have to say about either Trump or Clinton. I just check in to see if the world's blown up yet.
I assume they'll interrupt their obsession with idiocies long enough to let us know or at least have it on the chyron on the bottom.

Speaking of cigar store Indians.

There's an Indian smoke shop out here that has a full-sized, wooden cowboy holding cigars.
Laughed my butt off I did.

HAL9000 said...

Al Gore was there? You're lucky you didn't have a blizzard.

Deborah said...

Veeshir, that there is funny! (still laughing) I'd love to see that! Is there a website? Or could you, please, take a picture?

Veeshir said...

Deborah, next time I go I'll do that.
It's about a half hour away but a nearby casino has a really good prime rib buffet on Wednesday.

Deborah said...

Thank you, Veeshir! If I lived nearby, I'd buy the buffet for you. Prime rib? My mouth is watering. If you're ever near San Antonio, I know a place with a fantastic bacon wrapped tenderloin. My treat.

Deborah said...

Welcome back, Paco! Glad the climate change didn't get you.

Sorry to hear about about the tendonitis. There are days when I can't do anything on a computer even with a stylus. But as you learned from the Marines, "adapt and overcome".

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Paco. We probably passed each other on 64 - i was going west bound after spending time with Dadd-io in Williamsburg.

Paco said...

How'd you like the weather?