Monday, November 14, 2016

My kingdom is not of this world

Some great points from the suave and cerebral Smitty at The Other McCain on the subject of SJWs and their illegitimate attempts to co-opt Our Lord for the Left. A sample:
If you cherry pick the Bible for bumper stickers you think can be repurposed to serve some secular agenda, you might be working for the wrong team.


Veeshir said...

I love it when irreligious lefties assume I'm very religious ask What would Jesus do?
I use Frnakj's line, So long as you realize one of the options is whipping you and knocking all your stuff on the ground.
Surprisingly, they usually don't think that's as funny as I do.

Paco said...

I think it's hilarious.

I usually ask, WWBD? (What Would Bob [Robert Mitchum] Do?) For example...

Veeshir said...

That cracked me up.

My buddy asks, What would Tuco do?
Tuco of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

My friends are mostly Aholes.