Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How about filling their positions with currently unemployed teachers? Win!

Public schools in Alexandria, Virginia will be closed tomorrow in honor of our new national holiday, "A Day Without Women".

Now, if this is truly to be a day without women, I expect we won't be hearing from Barbra Streisand or Sarah Silverman or the innumerable other celebrity harpies via Twitter or Facebook or any other social medium, right? I mean, if we're to be without them, let us be without them.

Yeah, of course it won't work that way. The membership of the prog movement's ladies' auxiliary - as utterly dumbfounded as their brethren at having gone to bed with Hillary Clinton on the evening of November 8th, only to be rudely awakened by Donald Trump on the morning of the 9th, roaring for his breakfast - will be firmly planted in our midst, shrieking and tweeting to beat the all-girl band.

So when is Day Without Men? I'm checking my calendar and I don't seem to see it mentioned anywhere. Well, just a temporary oversight, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to it. Think I'll go to the range and try out my new replica of a Richards Second Model Transition Colt .44 (of course, I'm assuming Day Without Men equals Day Without Men in the Office).


rinardman said...

I dunno, with what they're doing to kids in schools these days, it would probably be a good thing to shut them down as often as possible.

Also, to the feminist harpies, a day without men would probably mean a day of mass male suicide.

bruce said...

It's funny how what the extreme feminists say and what they do diverge so much. The reality is they just want more power over men, to get men to respond when they want how they want (but do they know what they want?)

It's the same old story, as the song goes.

Deborah said...

For the feminist harpies (redundant or oxymoron?), a day without men is heaven.