Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ok, listen up

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Trump supporters getting their asses kicked by so-called "anti-fascist" punks, particularly in places like Berkeley, where the cops stand off at a safe distance, apparently under orders to do nothing but make sure the violence doesn't spill over into the nice neighborhoods inhabited by university professors who are all in favor of leftists beating up conservatives. There was a time when you could engage in peaceful assembly anywhere in America and be reasonably sure of safety; no longer.

Don't set yourself up to be easy targets. Even in California, you have a right to defend yourself from assault and battery. Herewith, a few suggestions:

1) If you're like me - 61, slightly overweight and definitely out of shape - you've got no business showing up at a rally accompanied by nobody but other old duffers in the same condition. Get some younger people in good physical shape to go with you, preferably current or former Navy SEALS or Army Rangers; anybody, in fact, who's physically capable of engaging in a good scrap. But do be ready to pitch in.

2) Don't go to a rally carrying nothing but a placard nailed to a balsa-wood stick. Fix that sign to a sturdy piece of solid oak, or maybe even a baseball bat.

3) Get yourself a tactical pen and learn how to use it:

4) Load up on pepper spray (but practice not shooting yourself in the face with it).

5) And keep those cameras rolling. There's always a chance the police will be compelled to do some investigating if you happen to get a clear picture of a thug in action.

Update: Stick Man shows the way!

(H/T: Mike_W, in the comments).


Deborah said...

All good suggestions, Paco. The social justice protesters don't even care if you are handicapped. In fact, they're usually the first target.

The social justice protesters we countered in California (Los Angeles area) were camera shy...unless it was the media. So if they are doing something wrong, start filming. Try to get clear faces for easy identification.

Number Six: Keep your cell phone fully charged and handy.

Number Seven: Ear protection. It can get pretty loud what with ANSWER banging on drums. During the Bush years, certain factions liked to use whistles. They would invade your area, stand nearby and blow. This brings us to eight.

Eight: Whistles. Turn about is fair play. They sometimes invade your area, stand nearby And blow whistles. But they don't like it when they are on the receiving end.
By-the-way, the whistles weren't the sports kind (although they'd do). They were the tube shaped. But anything will do.

Nine: Don't look angry. You have to differentiate yourself from them. If you are on opposing street corners, the traffic needs to differentiate.

Ten: Signs. Keep the message short and to the point, like a bumper sticker. Sign construction: large sheet of foam vote cut to size. Make the message in all upper-case, and in a font that is easily readable (Ariel Bold, 110 points).Take the message template to a self-print store (Kinkos, Pip, etc) that has an oversize machine. Print out the oversize sheet several inches smaller than the board (you need space to hold the sign), tape to the board on all four sides.

RebeccaH said...

Sound advice. As to Deborah's whistles, I'd add air horns, or that devil's invention, vuvuzelas. Also balloons filled with food coloring so that you can later identify the little bastard who hit you.

Paco said...

Excellent advice, Deb and Rebecca!

rinardman said...

I'd add one more thing: a pair of clear googles to avoid getting pepper spray in the eyes (even if self-inflicted).

Paco said...

Good safety tip, R-man.

fitzroy said...

I want that tactical pen. Heck, most pens these days won't write when they're brand new. Being able to poke holes in people, collect their DNA, and then stick an appropriately worded post-it on their forehead is worth any price.

Paco said...


Mike_W said...

Also, take along Stickman.

Deborah said...

This is what it looks like when pro-Americans say, "Enough is enough." Majority is silent no more.

It's funny when Lefties challenge him. Especially the Black guy who pushes the woman back. He wants Alt Knight (aka Stickman) to throw the first blow, but it doesn't work.

He'll probably make the stick more durable. But hey, he may have made a hit with the end that broke off.