Thursday, April 27, 2017

Forget it, Jake. It's France.

"Emmanuel Macron, who by several projections is set to win the French presidency in two weeks, was just a 15-year-old student when his 40-year-old teacher seduced him – and the two are married today."

In the U.S., a felony; in La Belle France, a sentimental May/December romance.

Update: Via Mercurius Aulicus in the comments, it appears that Macron, faced with unprecedented terrorism in France, thinks it's a good idea to pick a fight with Poland.


Mercurius Aulicus said...

And for some more overly French behaviour from Macron see

bruce said...

Could Mercurius be THE Bunyip, the elusive Pimpernel?

Mercurius Aulicus said...
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Mercurius Aulicus said...

You are very kind, but no I am not the fabled Bunyip. My previous nom-de-plume was Mild Colonial Boy - a lame pun that I grew sick of - especially when I entered my forties.

RebeccaH said...

This is one of the many reasons why no one actually respects the French anymore, when a whole lot of the population had already lost respect for them before now. They had a vibrant, beautiful Renaissance culture that they have now flushed for political correctness, and it's up to their French heartland to rescue their legacy ( and I mean their culture, not necessarily their genes, which will persist anyway, hybrid though they have been always). Culture of freedom is the primary goal.

bruce said...

Wait a sec, the reason it's not illegal in France is that its unheard of. Whereas it seems to be epidemic in the US. Same with the transgender thing. Scandinavians are a weird exception, but most Euros are far more socially conservative than Anglos. My wife lived there 10 years but refused to marry there because of the expectations of being a conservative housewife (till she met me, hehe).

Maybe the reason I'm at odds with the popular American view of Europe is my wife, who is fluent in German and used to speak French, has such an inside view. I realise many Americans served in Europe, but even my wife remembers visiting US bases which are kind of isolated from the outside.

French are annoying because they invade your house and smoke Gaulois in the living room and the men are arrogant old-fashioned 'chauvinists' in every way. Most Euro women are submissive and docile compared to us Anglos. I don't think the US press are giving an accurate picture, either left or right.

In this case they accept what Macron does because he's of the elite, he's his followers Napoleon, they are "En Marche"

I think he's a typical Millenial, Harry Potter loves his teacher. I'm not sure it's accurate that she 'seduced' him. She says it was he who pursued her, relentlessly. Not that I care. I think it's weird, too much like marrying your Mom.

bruce said...

When I say 'socially conservative', in Europe that means the wife sacrifices herself to keep the home while the husband has affairs and mistresses. That's what disgusted my wife about Euro marriage. 'Conservative' there means obedient to the superiors. Euro women of recent generations may have just about managed to stop their men being bastards, but that's why they've lost interest in it (like the Japanese).

In the US women speak up against this Old World crap, which is good up to a point, but then some go too far. No one is perfect. Scandinavians take self-sacrifice (which goes back to Pietism although now taken over by leftism) to a crazy degree.

My wife is Caribbean (but not African) and as soon as she arrived in Europe men started throwing themselves at her. She has a brother in Boston and a sister in Miami and one niece is Tatyana Ali from Sesame Street.