Monday, May 29, 2017

Fighting back

In an era of fake news, hypocrisy, media-approved character assassination, and sanctimonious tut-tutting from people who self-identify as conservative "leaders", the observer who tells it like it is is a national asset. Kurt Schlichter is rapidly becoming my favorite conservative commentator because, to put it mildly, he doesn't mince words:
I know it’s theoretically wrong for a Republican candidate to smack around an annoying liberal journalist, but that still doesn’t mean that I care. Our ability to care is a finite resource, and, in the vast scheme of things, millions of us have chosen to devote exactly none of it toward caring enough to engage in fussy self-flagellation because of what happened to Slappy La Brokenshades.

Sorry, not sorry.

And that’s not a good thing, not by any measure, but it is a real thing. Liberals have chosen to coarsen our culture. Their validation and encouragement of raw hate, their flouting of laws (Hi leakers! Hi Hillary!) and their utter refusal to accept democratic outcomes they disapprove of have consequences. What is itself so surprising is how liberals and their media rentboyz are so surprised to find that we normals are beginning to feel about them the way they feel about us – and that we’re starting to act on it. If you hate us, guess what?

We’re going to start hating you right back.

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RebeccaH said...

I'm not starting to hate them back. I've hated them for a very long time. For what it's worth.