Monday, May 15, 2017

Gun fun with Hickok45

Shooting an old Winchester 92 chambered in .44-40.


bruce said...

The Rifleman with Chuck Connors. Loved that show. Asked my Dad for a rifle 'when I grow up'.

Mike_W said...

Trouble is: all the patriots are growing old and dying off.
There's a new generation of freakin', anti-American and anti-civilization zombies coming through who have a taste for conservative brains.

Veeshir said...

Mike_W, There are still patriotic types, they are mostly working, keeping their mouths shut and laughing their butts off at watching our social, moral, political and intellectual betters freak out over Trump getting 2 scoops of ice cream.
They're only quoted in the newspaper when the quote can be suitably dowdified, bowdlerized or just plain changed to fit Minitrue's agenda.

One of the things about AZ that I love are all the old guns for sale. I check every day and I usually see some 1800s ".45-70" Winchesters or Colt Single Action Army revolvers.
I just wish I had $2k to pick one up.

My buddy got a "Zulu gun" I showed him on a local gun store's site.
It was made around 1830 as a muzzle-loader, from wikipedia, "The Tabatière system was developed from 1864 as a way to convert numerous muzzle-loading weapons (usually Minié rifles) into breech-loading ones, "
They were then converted into single-shot, breach-loading, smooth-bore shotguns and sold to settlers in the and going west.
There's no FFL cuz they're 200 years old and you have to buy ammo from Buffalo Arms (or another black-powder shotgun shell source), but they're very cool.

Yard sales, thrift stores and pawn shops are awesome around here.

Veeshir said...

oops, I mean, it's

rinardman said...

Remind me to never get in a long range fire fight with Hickok45.

Paco said...

He is a pretty good shot. I think the gong is 75 yards away.