Wednesday, May 17, 2017

HQ for the Committee to Primary Kevin McCarthy (and John McCain and Lindsey Graham, etc.)

Democrats fight tooth and nail to defend even their most egregious law breakers. Vichy Republicans line up to express their sniffish disdain for conservatives and populists, whether they are actually guilty of anything or not.

Update: This is being peddled as a bad joke, which I suspected, anyway. Still, it's felony dumbassery to make statements like this within earshot of the media mob.


RebeccaH said...

Somehow it always turns out to be "a bad joke".

Veeshir said...

Of course it was a joke, but it's a joke at the expense of the man they hate as much, or even more, than they hate their voters.

I will say that the opposite is almost definitely true, if Trump did business in Russia it was Big Business and probably required bribing the Tsar.

Who knows, maybe Trump bribed Bill Clinton in the late 90s to introduce him to Putin after Putin got rid of all the oligarchs and left the field open for Bribers of Putin.

bruce said...

We are seeing how the elite are a closed shop.

Here in Aust. the deputy Tax Commish's son just got arrested for running scam companies to rip off $165 million, and ABC (our PBS) news is all 'Trump Trump...'.

They did the same fake news barrage to PM Tony Abbott and his party replaced him. I'm seeing advantages in your Presidential system, but democracy is obviously very sick.

Paco said...

Sick, indeed. It is increasingly becoming a mere tool manipulated by the ruling class to enforce one way of thinking, of acting, of speaking - the easier to control us. As the sinister Ellsworth Toohey said in The Fountainhead, "One neck for one leash".