Friday, May 19, 2017

Thinking globally, acting locally

George Soros buys himself another District Attorney.


RebeccaH said...

He couldn't buy the presidential election for Hillary, so he's working to undermine us bit by bit.

Veeshir said...

He's buying judges in Philly?
Isn't that like bribing a Republican to stand up to Trump?

I applaud this!
Michael Bloomberg should take note and start paying for anti-gun pols in Mass and Illinois!

I mentioned the old Winchesters for sale on around here, I saw this today and I want it like burning.

For Sale: Bacon Mfg removable trigger guard 32 revolver 1861 Bacon Firearms Mfg Co Norwich CT 32RF antique

But I don't have $600 laying around. It's worth at least that much according to teh intertubes.

Paco said...

Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that, too. I guess this guy was the most liberal Democratic horse in the race.

Where would you get .32 rim fire ammo? Or is this one just for display?

Veeshir said...

Buffalo Arms sells all manner of black powder stuff and obsolete ammo.
That's where I get 577-.450 for my Martini Henry and I used to get 8mm Nambu from them.