Friday, October 6, 2017

Offline blog-o-rama

I'll be offline for the next few days, so here's a heterogeneous collection of items.

One of the best take-downs of gun control myths and rhetoric I've seen in a long time is this piece by Larry Correia. It's comprehensive, well-documented and full of fascinating observations.

Harvey Weinstein's slimy behavior even proved to be too much for his own Board of Directors.


The Andrews Sisters swing with "The House of Blue Lights".

All the SJWs are down on Columbus, but it's his day on Monday, so here's Fletcher Henderson and his band with a jazzy tribute.

"As The Federalist’s David Marcus explained recently, Democrats are becoming the party of the celebrity sockpuppet. In totally unrelated news, viewership of late-night talk shows is steadily declining."

Disaster: carrot-loving donkey meets orange McLaren sports car (H/T: Mrs. Paco).

Coffee: it's like medicine.


A hilarious scene from a hilarious movie: Gene Hackman as the blind hermit in Young Frankenstein.

Maggie's favorite hobby is digging up earthworms. Hmmm. Looks here like she might have accidentally come across a centipede.


bruce said...

Maggie is wonderful as always.

Young Frankenstein would be in my top 10 movies.

Yay Columbus!

JeffS said...

Haw! Maggie looks REALLY surprised! Maybe a large earthworm?

rinardman said...

Maybe she just realized that earthworms are naked.

RebeccaH said...

Miss Maggie is one fearless girl.

Deborah said...

Maggie's look is like the Jurrasic Park paleontologists when they first glimpsed the dinosaurs. Or maybe she found "the next big thing" for Paco Enterprises. She earned an extra cookie. Paco, has she been fishing yet?

Larry Correia nails it. This piece should be sent to all the gun control advocates, especially Senator Feinstein.

Who doesn't love the Andrew Sisters.

Young Frankenstein is one of my favorites. Genius that is expected from Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder and a phenomenal cast.

The donkey was a donkey while the car owner is a jackass. I disagree with the verdict. The car owner/moron should be held accountable, not the donkey's owner. Who parks a uber expensive car that close to a fence? Especially behind which is a animal?

David Marcus is incorrect. The Democrats became a party of celebrity sockpuppets a long time ago.

The sandwich would be popular among Hollywood types, Lefties, and North Koreans. I saw a fascinating documentary on NO last night. It detailed a woman who posed as a medical student for a doctor who traveled to NK to do eye surgeries. He did one thousand surgeries, mostly on cataract patients, but gave full sight to a previously blind girl. All the patients (upon having the bandages removed) went to the front of the room and praised pictures of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.

The journalist's sister was one of the two that were released after Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il (Un's father).

All the patients (upon having the bandages removed) went to the front of the room where pictures were high on the wall. They bowed and praise the leaders for restoring their sight. One even pledged to kill as many Americans as possible. Obviously, he and the others weren't informed that the medical staff were Americans.

Paco said...

What really happened, I think, is that I startled Maggie with my camera (she usually likes to primp before anybody snaps a picture).

Deb: Yeah, I think the ruling in the donkey case was a miscarriage of justice.