Monday, October 9, 2017


Mrs. Paco and I made a trip down to VA Beach to see the grandkids, and on the way back to the Paco Command Center, stopped at the famous Virginia Diner in the little town of Wakefield for lunch today. Highly recommended: home-cooked southern cuisine, and big portions. Not to mention the best biscuits I ever ate in a restaurant.

Anyhow, Wakefield is in the middle of Virginia's peanut country, and the diner has a section up front where you can find probably a dozen or so different types of peanuts. I think I discovered the holy grail of goobers: maple and bacon roasted peanuts. MMMMM-mm!!


rinardman said...

Timeline: Reads Paco's post about maple & bacon peanuts
Thinks to self - that sounds tasty
Googles 'maple & bacon peanuts'
Orders Whitley's Maple & Bacon peanuts from Amazon
Now has to wait two days to try them
Hopes Paco is right

bruce said...

So when you folks say biscuits:

What we call biscuits are shortbreads and cookies. e.g. we call Oreos 'chocolate biscuits'.

But we are all branches from the same tree as our ancestors lived on ship's biscuits which are neither of the above.

Do you break pieces of your biscuit to scoop up stew and such? As with cornbread? (Which my wife introduced me to, with chilli or okra stew).

Paco said...

Bruce: Another instance of us being divided by the same language. Our biscuits are as described in the Wiki article you linked.

You certainly may use biscuits to sop up gravy or stew. Mrs. Paco makes delicious buttermilk biscuits that are good with butter or honey; sometimes, I'll just eat a cold one, they're so good.

Paco said...

R-man: Hope you enjoy them!

rinardman said...

Me, too! They are a bit pricey, but sounds like something I'd like to try at least once.

Deborah said...

Guess the diner can expect to see the Pacos often. Maple and bacon peanuts, or any nuts, sound delicious. Do they ship? I love good biscuits and sausage gravy.

Bruce, tho the biscuit issue has been clarified, let me add my two cents. American biscuits can be a meal (ie biscuits and gravy) or part of the meal. They aren't dessert. In the US, cookies are cookies.

Minicapt said...

When doing biscuits and gravy, I use: corned beef, smoked brisket, smoked ham of various sorts, as well as sausage.


Mike_W said...

A legend in a nutshell since 1929.

bruce said...

'American biscuits can be a meal (ie biscuits and gravy) or part of the meal. They aren't dessert.'

- thanx Deborah.

rinardman said...

Got the peanuts today. Quite tasty. One of those snacks you start eating...and can't stop. I just need to pace myself so I don't get tired of'em before I finish the whole tin.

Paco said...

R-man: You posted your comment at 7:38 pm. It's now 11:53 pm.

Long pause.

You ate all of them, didn't you?

rinardman said...

Well, no, I didn't. I did eat more than I should have, but I learned a hard lesson on overindulgence when I was about 8 years old. My mom bought a box of chocolate covered cherries, which I had never had. I was so impressed, I informed anyone I thought might provide them, that I wanted chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. It worked! I got three boxes.

Long story short, about half way through the second box, in as many days...I never wanted to see another chocolate covered cherry in my life. Still feel the same way, today. So I've learned to pace myself.