Monday, March 26, 2018


What's the opposite of collusion? "Trump expels Russians, closes consulate in response to poison attack in Great Britain".

Let a million Barack Obamas bloom. Now there's a scary thought. Seriously, this guy's self-infatuation is nauseating, particularly considering the actual results of his maladministration. He could easily be the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Sad: "Gun maker Remington files for bankruptcy".

Kurt Schlichter urges calm after Trump signs the omnibus bill: "We are going to have more days like Omnibust Friday in the future, lots of them. That’s how it goes. But also remember that we will have days like November 8, 2016, where liberals are spread out before us, sobbing as their hideous libfascist dreams die before their eyes."


Yeah, well, I'm still waiting for Blisternacht: "Global Warming Death Toll Will Be ‘On The Scale Of 25 Holocausts’".

The story behind the terrifying headline:


bruce said...

Blisternacht, haha. Rising seas will swallow moored boats and coast fishermen. Chickens will lay hardboiled eggs.

Paco said...

Chickens will lay hardboiled eggs.

Only if they're not blown up by crazy Floridians with whiskey bombs, first.

bruce said...

This is troubling:

Soros is using these stupid (but photogenic) kids. Evil.

rinardman said...

Let a million Barack Obamas bloom.

"Let a million Barack Obamas infest the planet", I think would be more accurate.

And, based on their intentions, I think it should be "The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun, is a student with a poster". They're more likely to end up disarming good people, than bad people.

bruce said...

Someone always has the concise pithy phrase you're searching for and I found it.

At least one interpretation of the student's own words is that they 'taunted the autistic kid until he went postal'. And we're to blame because gunz.

I went to an all boys high school. I blame a lot of modern problems on raising boys with/as girls. The larger debate I guess is whether the modern snowflake world still has a place for masculinity.