Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday funnies

Man gets stuck on roundabout (alcohol involved).

Hey, I know exactly how the kid felt. Have you ever tried to operate one of those arcade claw machines? Nearly impossible.

Moving the herd to market - one steer at a time.

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

And here's another...

The real reason dinosaurs went extinct? Spontaneous combustion.

If the engine of your scooter lacks "oomph!", try this.

Somehow, a guy with a "DORK" tattoo on his neck and what looks like a tattoo of a fence on his forehead has managed to prove "elusive" to the FBI.


JeffS said...

Too bad no one slathered Hillary with BBQ sauce, and dumped her in an Indian tiger preserve.

Or would that be animal cruelty?

Mike_W said...

That's a very funny assortment, Paco.

My favourite is Bubble-wrapped Hillary.

Arcade claw machines are diabolical; I don't blame the kid either.

"Did I just see a bull in a car passenger seat?"
*accelerates car and overtakes for second look*
"I did just see a bull in a car passenger seat!"

RebeccaH said...

Years ago there was a man in Nevada who used to take his pet buffalo for rides in the back seat of his Cadillac convertible. I don't think he modified it, though, because the buffalo would sit on the seat. If you google around, you might find a picture.

I wonder if all that bubble wrap will keep Hillary from breaking a bone. I think the woman has brittle bones. It happens to lushes.

Mike_W said...

1,600-Pound Bison Rides in Cars and Goes to Bars.

Deborah said...

Seventeen must be the limit to the number of times one can drive the roundabout. It should be: no harm, no foul.

The kid who got stuck inside the mamachine looks a bit big to have done that. Not that he couldn't have. There are several possible career paths that come to may not be one, because if he can't figure how to get out of where he just got into.

I'll have to show that Longhorn story to a friend who raises them. Here in Texas, we seen a Longhorn so big that the horns stuck out a good length on both sides of the trailer. It was amazing!

Powerline came up with a great assortment again!

Love the Peanuts one!

The DORK guy isn't the only special kind of moron that Law Enforcement is pursuing. I know you're thinking, "There's more than one!?!" Yep. And he's as silly looking as DORKman. How haven't they found these guys?