Friday, May 25, 2018

Clint Walker, RIP

I missed this by a few days, but wanted to note the passing of Clint Walker, one of my favorite TV western heroes. He'll always be Cheyenne, to me.


Deborah said...

Clint Walker was a wonderful actor in whatever genre, but his westerns were my favorites. I don't know if it was because of Memorial Day or Clint's passing, or both, but The Dirty Dozen was on last night. May Clint rest in peace.

Jonah said...

This is a wiki story so...apparently in '71 he fell off a ski lift, a ski pole pierced his heart, a doctor detected a faint sign of life and rushed him to the table, 2 months later he was up and moving.

Jonah said...

I also liked what some critic said, "...something winning about his taciturn earnestness as an actor..."

A working man who let us interpret his characters as we saw fit instead of bludgeoning us with something and maybe someone smarter can complete my thought here.