Friday, May 4, 2018

Ghost ship

Here is a short video about the discovery of the Confederate blockade-runner Bendigo in the Lockwood Folly Inlet, a few miles from the Paco Command Center. I had no idea, but indefatigable internet explorer (and friend and commenter) Mike_W thoughtfully brought this to my attention. Well done, Mike!

Here's some additional information.

Providing a little context: Wilmington, NC (about 30 miles north of Southport) was the last significant Confederate port, holding out until captured by the Union Army in February of 1865.


bruce said...

That would be one of Clark Gables' ships?

bruce said...

Sorry, Rhett Butler. Funny how online GWTW plot summaries don't mention his blockade running ships.

Deborah said...

The Bendigo must have been noticed many times before. Why haven't marine archeologists paid attention before?

bruce said...

After 2 years of limited data I can finally watch youtube again (Lightning strikes killed my modems and I access thru 4G, I live on an iron-filled sandstone ridge which gets zapped a lot).

Drones are so cool.

Deborah, sands are always shifting and they're always finding new stuff which was buried along coastlines like around the UK where ancient footprints and henges come up too.

bruce said...

Here's a drone orbiting a place a few miles from me: