Thursday, October 4, 2018

In the wake of the hurricane


Paco World News Daily (PWND) has captured an image of one of these mosquitoes in this dramatic photo...

Update: Looks like friend and commenter Skeeter's mosquitoes may have mine beat.


bruce said...

Everything's bigger in America. MAGA!

Skeeter said...

Bigger Bruce?
What about our Hexham Greys.

"The Territory has huge crocodiles,
Queensland the taipan snake,
And wild scrub bulls are the biggest risk over in the western state,
But if ever you’re in NSW, round our Hunter Valley way, look out for them giant mozzies, the dreaded Hexham Grey.
They breed ‘em at Hexham, it’s risky to vex ‘em,
They suck a man dry at a sitting, no doubt."
Banjo Paterson.

Their home colony in the Hexham area is just outside my old AFB circuit area. We lived in dread of colliding with one.

Paco said...

Stinger like a square needle with a propeller on the end, I bet!

Skeeter said...

Yes Paco. That's an accurate description for an adult female.
Here is a picture of a juvenile caught in some high tension power cables:

Jonah said...

A can of Off! should do it. The kind that shoots out 4 foot spears at 1200 fps.

Mike_W said...

Excellent link, Skeeter.

bruce said...

Skeeter: AFB - Richmond? I live 40 mins away in the 'mountains'. We get buzzed by a Hercules every Anzac Day, great stuff. Actually my recently deceased cousin was in the RAAF, as was his dad.

Anyhoo, we're chatting away while poor Paco is getting eaten alive by skeeters who actually have mini saws which can cut through cow hide. Ouch!

RebeccaH said...

Since this is the place for Chuck Norris memes, here's a new one for you, stole it off an Instapundit thread about someone mailing ricin to General Mattis (who ate it with marshmallows or a little mustard, depending on who you asked).

Paul 2 • 2 hours ago
Mattis and Chuck Norris meet in a bar. Chuck says "Good afternoon, sir."

ericr2 Paul 2 • 2 hours ago
And I am sure Mattis returned the compliment

Mt Geoff-Debbie Paul 2 • 2 hours ago
Monsters look under their beds for Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Gen. Mattis.
Gen. Mattis looks under his bed in hope rather than fear.

Paco said...


bruce said...

That 'ZFG' pic of Lindsay Graham is priceless and very Paconista (tie straight?), also I did not know his McCain obligations:

Deborah said...

Great catch! Those are wonderful, especially the last one. Thank you!

Deborah said...

Now if only someone could get the mosquitos to visit DC. The feeding is good on the Supreme Court steps today. They could help the police, who must be running out of zip tie cuffs.

Deborah said...

Addendum. Or maybe harpies don't are not agreeable to their palates.