Thursday, January 3, 2019

One thing, among many, that distinguishes Trump from Romney

The President has moxie.

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bruce said...

He sure does, and then this at Ace:
'Trump Makes Surprise Appearance at Press Briefing
He just popped in.

Update: It was a brief press conference. He finally began to make the case for the border fence. He brought out border agents who stated the need for a barrier and the efficacy of the partial barriers we already have.

They also said that they were affected by the shutdown but that national security comes first.'

'32 He's with officials from the Border Patrol.
Great line from one of them: "It boils down to this: if I come to your house, do you want me to come through the door...or through the window?"
Posted by: Mike '

- He's come out fighting them on their home turf and landed a punch, 2019 barely started. The Dems are still waiting to start their clown show (ho hum, 'impeachment' yawn). He fights with whatever tools he has at the moment and is full of surprises.