Thursday, July 9, 2020

Happy Feet Friday

Pete Brown was an alto sax player who possessed a truly unique style. For most of his career he played with small groups, including John Kirby's band, and also worked as a sessions musician, in addition to heading up his own outfit in the mid-40s. Here he is, with Jim “Daddy” Walker on electric guitar, John Levy on bass and Eddie Nicholson on drums, performing a lively number called “Jim's Idea”.


bruce said...

Sort of Coleman Hawkins style but with lots of overblowing distortion.

Love the sax/guitar combo and 1940s era. Had not heard of this, thanks.

Paco said...

overblowing distortion

I was scratching my head trying to think of something that described Brown's style, but you nailed it!

Veeshir said...

Makes you want to snap your fingers.