Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Have a Winner!

That’s right, it’s time for the coveted Paco Enterprises "Awesomeness in Blogging Award"!

The winner is a blogger who has distinguished himself in manifesting a feisty, combative, damn-the-torpedoes conservatism, enriched with certified deep-thought, and sparkling with top-drawer aesthetics. Oh, and, er, he has linked me a lot (while I can’t disclose the mathematical details of the model used to choose the winner of this award, I will point out that the category, "linking Paco Enterprises", is not given an inordinately large weighting; the weight attached definitely does not exceed 75%).

Way to go, Robert Stacy McCain!

(Full Disclosure: I couldn’t find any useable photos of Stacy on his blog; they are all either curiously blurry – probably for security reasons – or unsuitable because of the inexplicable presence of Terry McAuliffe. The image on the gold medallion is based on a photo of the young Basil Rathbone, to whom Mr. McCain seems to bear a fair resemblance).

Update: Oops! Silly me. Did I say Basil Rathbone? I meant Cary Grant, of course.


Yojimbo said...

75%! Haw! There's a digit missing on that one.

Yojimbo said...

And then he queries.

Did you know that Basil Rathbone was a very, very accomplished swordsman?

Paco said...

Yojimbo: As a matter of fact, I knew that. I read somewhere that he found Errol Flynn's amateur swordsmanship so dangerous that he threatened to run him through.

Robert Stacy McCain said...

The blurriness is all about maintaining the illusion that I'm semi-attractive.

Basil Rathbone! Geez!

Paco said...

Hey, I think Basil Rathbone is a noble-looking fellow.

kc said...

R.S. can't be TOO shabby - he's got six kids with his wife.

I always thought Basil Rathbone was attractive, in a very elegant way. Nothing pretty about him, but attractive nonetheless.

And Cary Grant could read me to sleep ANY day of the week.

TW: I sense a pissy mood - sukqx

mojo said...

I always liked George Saunders, myself. even being a baddie, he exuded class.

Might've been the voice, I guess.

SB: blerab
Frenchified Bedou

Paco said...

Mojo: I'm with you. Nobody registered sinister charm and malign courtesy the way Sanders did.