Wednesday, June 24, 2009


1) Ace reporter, Stacy McCain, continues pounding the streets and haunting the halls of the powerful in his investigation of the IG scandal (this is the difference between a thinking head and a talking head).

2) More great commentary and juicy links on l'affaire IG from Camp of the Saints.

3) You remember how, in those old movies, when somebody was mortally wounded, the doctor would look at the hovering friend or lover and just shake his head? Well, Pundette prefers to bawl out the prognosis loud and clear in this post on the rapidly-sinking MSM.

4) Obama’s pre-election letter to Khamanei has effectively been returned to sender (in a flaming bag of dog poop left on the front porch of the White House, to the sound of the doorbell ringing and hastily retreating footsteps).

5) One of my favorite bloggers – Jennifer Rubin, at Contentions - wonders how many Democrats are willing to walk the plank in order to support idiotic climate-change legislation.

6) Andrew Sullivan’s opinions have been irrelevant for years, but his various psychological pathologies still continue to fascinate. Christopher Baedeaux applies an extended smackdown to this unbalanced opinion-monger (in a manner vaguely suggestive of the slo-mo violence of a Sam Peckinpah film). (H/T: Captain Heinrichs)

7) Obama apparently is preparing to reestablish normal diplomatic relations with Venezuela, currently being run by giant ground sloth, Hugo Chavez. Anything wrong with that? Oh, no, nothing at all. (H/T: Allahpundit)


Mikael said...

Sullivan's opinions are not as irrelevant as you may think, Paco.

The US-correspondent on a major Danish papers regularly cite Sully as a pundit. He used to be referred to as a "conservative blogger," a phrase I repeatedly objected to on the journalist's blog. Perhaps as a result of that, Sully is now called an "independent blogger" which really is worse.

Point being, thanks to a stupid and lazy journalist, Sullivan is considered by several hundred thousand Danes as a neutral commentator with his ear to the ground.

blogstrop said...

What do Democrats have to do to get their personal failings splashed across the MSM? Screw the mascot? We even got the latest GOP contender-in-waiting's affair on the ABC news in Sydney, Australia.

Paco said...

Mikael: It's ominous news, indeed, to hear that a "gatekeepr" of news in Denmark gives Sullivan exposure. You'd think that even a stupid and lazy journalist would pick a source who isn't as flat-out demented as Sullivan.

Yojimbo said...

Maybe the "gatekeeper" is as demented as Sullivan and, as a consequence, finds him a reliable source. Narratives rule.