Saturday, August 1, 2009


1) GeneralpĂ­ssimo Hugo Chavez looks at the problems in Venezuela and the world and sees the usual suspects.

2) Chavez also continues to foment rebellion in neighboring Colombia (tell us again, Mr. President, exactly why you think you can work with this thug?)

3) A grisly murder in 1953 Kansas City, and the two wicked, but incompetent, killers whose quick trip to the gas chamber was probably inevitable.

4) Smartest President evah has some pretty dumb notions about the Middle East.

5) Are We Lumberjacks? continues to crack me up with his Photoshop work, and Jim Treacher scores with his imaginary conversations (H/T to Jeff S. for the Treacher link).

6) Stacy McCain lays to rest another idiotic Sarah Palin meme (update to that post by Stacy: "This just in -- 'multiple sources confirm' that Jonathan Martin recently raped a chihuahua. No criminal charges were filed, because the chihuaua didn't even notice . . ." Haw!)

7) Paco Enterprises wins coveted "infamous" designation from Grandpa John!


JeffS said...

1) Hitler sure left a lasting legacy, didn't he?

2) That's damning evidence indeed. But Chavez will be let off the hook by his allies in the State Department and MSM. (And it's not a matter of The Won™ "working" Chavez, it's more a case of Obama striving to establish his credentials as a genuine anti-American American socialist).

3) Not only inevitable, but well deserved.

4) What should we expect from a bunch of socialists who are, by definition, unable to learn from history?

5) Alternate caption: "Skip can't hold his liquor, so I had Sergeant Crowley cuff him for a safe trip home."

6) HAW! Take that, MSM!

7) You've always been infamous, Paco. But it's nice to see official recognition.

RebeccaH said...

Treacher's imaginary conversation is priceless.

Minicapt said...

Someone, somewhere, suggested that Sgt Crowley's first words to the Vice President were, "You have the right to remain silent".