Friday, April 2, 2010

Paco Enterprises Not Toning Down Anything, Least of All the Rhetoric

Here is a deluxe assortment of justified attacks against this abominable administration and its execrable allies.

A rousing call for the repeal of ObamaCare by the awesome Doctor Zero.

Democratic Congressman Wally the Walrus Phil Hare apparently sees the Constitution as a pothole in the road to utopia.

Maxine Waters, who would make a fine poster-girl for term limits, displays her dog-in-the-manger attitude toward the American flag

Dr. Jack Cassell fights back against ObamaCare.

If they aren’t socialists, they’re doing a damned good impersonation.

The administration’s petty vindictiveness against Honduras continues.

Obama’s head-fake on new offshore drilling.

1 comment:

JeffS said...

The United States is being run by petty thugs more concerned about their ego and appearance than most anything else. Honduras deserves better treatment than this, but they won't get it under the Obama Administration, that much is certain.

As far as anything environmental goes, Obama will do whatever screws this country the most. I have no doubt about that.