Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's in the Constitution somewhere, right?

Michelle Obama wants you to eat right.

And if you won't adopt these suggestions voluntarily, there's always Recommendation 2.9: "If voluntary efforts to limit the marketing of less healthy foods and beverages to children do not yield substantial results, the FCC could consider revisiting and modernizing rules on commercial time during children's programming."

Liberals are big on treating people like hapless nitwits, forever needing the intrusion of government in every aspect of their lives. Unfortunately, the totalitarian temptation inherent in modern liberalism creates a very small gap between viewing people as recalcitrant children, and as enemies of the state, with punishments varying accordingly.


mojo said...

Funny, I don't remember Michelle being elected to anything.

RebeccaH said...

I hope Americans are realizing that whenever the Obamas (and that includes the entire crew) want something, they first try golden-tongued persuasion, and if that doesn't work, they fall back on force.

Anonymous said...

Mojo, you're right. But don't forget that she probably followed Hillary's lead.

The Left is always in favor of children if it furthers their agenda, and if it is convenient. If not convenient, then abortion is the solution.

Michelle can huff and puff, but she ain't gettin' my bbq.

Deborah Leigh

Bob Belvedere said...

1) Children are the seed corn in the Left's war on tradition and Right Reason.

2) The last paragraph awarded the THE SPOT-ON QUOTE OF THE WEEK at:
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