Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stand and Deliver!

Smitty sounds the alarm over suspicious government machinations that could result in the eventual nationalization of private retirement accounts.

I've seen this issue crop up from time to time over the last couple of years, and it would be difficult to imagine anything more likely to convert the "cold" civil war into something substantially warmer. I believe an out-and-out attempt to seize private accounts is beyond the power and scope of even this desperate administration, but there are more subtle ways for the government to get its mitts on our savings, and in the end, formal nationalization might prove to be merely academic, if account-holders are bludgeoned by, say, the loss of tax deferment or the imposition of new taxes (or subjected to the death by a thousand cuts represented by the Democrats' borrowing and spending mania, which has and will continue to shrink the value of paper investments).

In any event, this government wants watching; I don't really put anything past it.


Anonymous said...

Barry Hugo Obama makes a jar buried in the backyard really appealing.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add that we won't have to worry anyway, because there won't be any left after Barry and his minions get through.

You'll be gettin' that mason jar down, turn around, and find that your savings are gone. Gotta find a new reason for that shovel. Any suggestions?

Deborah Leigh

Paco said...

Deb: I still say guns, gold and canned goods are the way to go right now.

JeffS said...

And ammo, Paco. It's implied, I know, but it's best to be clear.

Lots of ammo.

Paco said...

Absolutely right, Jeff. Let's leave nothing to chance.

Merilyn said...

See Deborah, I told you Paco knows where that gold is buried!!!
Thanks for the laughs, you three have made my day.