Friday, January 3, 2014


According to this report, North Korean dictator (and world-class sadist) Kim Jong Un personally supervised the execution of his uncle and five aides, having them thrown alive to starving dogs (I indulge a fantasy of Kim Jong Un, trussed up like a pit-cooked hog, being tossed to starving North Koreans).

The guys at Duck Dynasty are partnering with Mossberg to release a line of Duck Commander firearms.

In other firearms-related news, Magpul, which has been threatening to leave Colorado because of stringent gun-control laws recently passed by the state legislature, has in fact pulled the plug and is relocating its various operations to Wyoming and Texas.

Man, I can’t believe the new owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, wasn’t all over Obama-shill Ezra Klein’s offer to establish, er, “a new website dedicated to explanatory journalism on a wide range of topics beyond political policy." And it was only going to cost around ten million dollars!

A collection of witty observations from The American Spectator’s “Enemy Central” column, including this gem focusing on President Obama’s golf attire: “[H]e continues to wear those same funny shorts, the ones that make him look like a bona fide member of the LPGA.”

Detroit’s police chief seems to “get it” when it comes to concealed carry.

There are mammals that lay eggs, so I suppose I shouldn’t be astonished to hear of the Liberal Gun Club. Interesting:
More regulations on lawful gun owners "are overprescribed political placebos that fail to cure ... the root causes of violence," the gun club said in a position statement.
We got three inches of Gore’s Dandruff last night, and temperatures here in Fairfax are in the low 20s. Florida may have sink holes, hurricanes, airborne cockroaches and, now, escaped lions, but I don’t care; the state is going back on my list of potential retirement locations.


Col. Milquetoast said...

Whoa! Are you trying to sabotage his project for "shut up and listen to my journolist approved explanation" journalism? It says "in eight figures" so it could be from 10 to 99 million dollars.

Paco said...

Oh, come on, Colonel! Who would ever spend a hundred million dollars for a web site?

rinardman said...

I heard Kim Youngin invited Obama over for a big barbecue, and he needed to fatten up the main course.

bruce said...

You could rename this segment 'Dog's Breakfast':'s%20breakfast

Minicapt said...

If I remember correctly, $325 million for the Huffington Post.


bruce said...

I like Pat Buchanan's old style diplomatic thinking. He says Obama should go to Sochi:

It would show some real guts and leadership. Some old fashioned manliness, standing up to bullies, instead of withdrawing into a passive cocoon of equivocation going after low hanging fruit as leaders increasingly do.
Because he's an old fashioned man, that's why Putin is successful.

Michael Lonie said...

Obama to Sochi? And be shown up as a wimp next to Putin? You gotta be kidding. Our metrosexual president will always look insipid next to Czar Vlad the Empoisoner, and outside the US media bubble any credit will go to Putin.

Besides, the Secret Service and his handlers will never allow Obama to go, given even the slightest risks. And do you really want to take any chance, no matter how slight, of Joe "Gaffe a day" Biden ascending to the office? Finally, we conservatives pray fervently that nothing will happen to Obama while he is president, for reasons that should be obvious. South Africa was dangerous enough, take no significant risks. Parading Obama before jihadists would be such a risk. The minute they knew, or even suspected, that he was coming they would bust their balls to attack him.

Buchanan is rather too copacetic with fascistic brutes, and always has been. There's certainly an argument for diplomatic cooperation with Russia in matters of mutual interest, which is what Putin does. But the clowns in DC now wouldn't recognize a US national interest if it slapped them on the face like a wet mackeral. And Putin won't cooperate in any matter that he deems US interests are adverse to Russian (and Putin's own) aggrandisement. That's most of them.

Reading Buchanan's piece reminded me of some leftist complaining about how all the reasons some other country might be hostile to the US are owing to our being beastly to them, never because their policies are adverse to our own interests. Next thing you know, Buchanan will be agreeing with Putin that the fall of the USSR was the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century.

Hillary would probably suggest sending Bubba there. Hope springs eternal in the human spleen, and if anything happened to him it would probably guarantee her nomination and election in 2016.

bruce said...

Gee Michael, how did the US go from Bull Moose to late Byzantine in just about a century?

bruce said...

Buchanan's a right wing Catholic it seems to me, very anti-Communist.But this piece is in his 'Presidential adviser' mode.

Anyway, I think we could benefit from putting aside 20th century arguments and going back to classical ones. More pax Romana, less Byzantium.

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... If ever someone needed a bullet to the head it would be Kim Jong Un. Wonder what Rodman says now?