Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday funnies

Ray Stevens sings The Global Warming Song.

Calendars make nice Christmas gifts - although, as with all things, some are better than others.

Folks enjoy the simple pleasures up there in South Porcupine, Ontario. And in Tasmania, people adapt to an apparent boat shortage.

Two fellows try Veet Hair Removal for Men Gel, applying the product south of the Mason-Dixon line. Amazon has posted the Most Helpful Positive and Most Helpful Critical reviews - which sound oddly similar, and are both hilarious (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

"You really need to quit, dad."


RebeccaH said...

Good ones. The Veet reviews positively made me laugh out loud (and taught me some new euphemisms).

rinardman said...

Oh, c'mon. I grew up around cows. I never once caught them doing yoga.

Pilates, sure. But yoga? No way.

Anonymous said...

My sister sent me a Christmas card that read,
"May the Spirit of Nature bring you peace this festive season",
with a calendar Christmas gift.
The calendar has a decidedly natural theme, full of snapping crocodiles, black-eyed upside-down bats and other creepy critters.
I've hung the calendar on the wall but I've already skipped through to March 2014 which features a relatively benign photograph of a turtle, as January and February really creeped me out.

I've since queried my sister as to what exactly a spirit of nature is and how many heads does it have?


Minicapt said...

The 'original' hot water vs cold air video:

... and the temp in Yellowknife is -51F with the breeze.


Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Great assortment, Paco! The hair removal one was a hoot...well, except for the poor fellow. Hope someone keeps the vacuum cleaner away from him. Just saying.

Wonder how many skiers were in that picture? Oh, it was all fun until one fell, then it was all dominoes.

Mike_W, it seems there might have been a misprint on that card. It probably was meant to say, "piece" instead of "peace". Goose or venison for Christmas...yum.

bruce said...

Never mind the bollocks.